The WasteShark is designed for round-the-clock waste collection. It also scans and monitors the environment, sending data back to central command.

  • purpose: 16 hours a day waste collection; data collection & transmit

  • Waste type: plastics, micro-plastics, alien vegetation (e.g. duckweed), floating debris

  • territory: trafficked water; confined space; tight angles

  • steering control: remote controller or plotted

  • thrust: 5.1 kgf (forward) and 4.1 kgf (reverse) @ 16V

  • weight: 39 kg unladen

  • dimension: 1556 mm long x 1078 mm wide x 450 mm deep

  • carrying capacity: 200 litres

  • environmental Sensors: Depth, temperature, water quality

  • Data recording: Time, location and journeys

  • The following DataShark sensors  can be added: temperature sensor, pH sensor, conductivity, Oxidation-Reduction Potential, depth

How does it work?


The WasteShark is designed after one of nature’s most efficient harvesters of marine biomass, the Whale Shark.  


Inspired by nature and blending technology, form and function, the WasteShark is designed to swim through water and eat its prey with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.


The WasteShark comes in two models:

  • Class M: Manual operation: remote controlled.  

  • Class A: Autonomy Level 1: mapped by waypoints.


+ option for both models:


Class M+ and A+: Data enablement for environmental sensors and cloud reporting.

WasteSharks in action 


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