SharkCage offers a versatile launching platform for your WasteShark. It is designed to be used with a hoist to safely and effectively lower and raise the vessel from a quayside structure directly above the waterline. Robust wheels ensure that the WasteShark can be easily maneuvered when the unit is moved between operating sites, or from a storage area to the working location.

  • Manufactured from high quality, salt-water resistant aluminium
  • Effortless transport over land
  • Versatile for deployment of WasteShark in various locations
  • Collapsible to facilitate transport

SharkRamp (*Coming soon)

The SharkRamp is intended to be anchored to a quayside as a fixed launching and retrieval platform. It provides a secure sanctuary for a WasteShark to return home after completing a mission, when its basket needs to be emptied, or when its batteries need re-charging. The WasteShark is launched into the water by a motorised lift system, which also raises it out of the water once it has docked at the base of the ramp.

  • A secure location to store the WasteShark when it is not in use
  • Easy access to the waste basket for emptying at an operator’s convenience
  • Enables safe, unattended battery charging operations on the shore
  • A home for an autonomous WasteShark - it will return to the base of the ramp when the battery charge falls below 25%, a mission is completed, or the waste basket is full.
  • Side panels on the housing unit provide real estate for signage and promotional material


The conventional waste basket easily slides in and out of the front end of the WasteShark and is housed in a sturdy frame mounted between the hull's pontoons. Emptying the waste basket is as simple as sliding it out to reveal the “harvest” of collected debris. The conventional waste basket was created with simplicity, convenience of use, and durability in mind.

  • has a self-activating front flap to prevent trash outflow while the WasteShark is stationary or traveling backwards
  • made of high-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminium
  • holds 160 litres of harvested garbage (four times the capacity of an average kitchen bin)
  • conventional basket is designed to hold debris with an outer diameter of 5mm or greater

The design of the standard waste basket is optimised for waste containment of the types of waste found in the most common operating conditions, whilst reducing drag on the vessel as much as possible.

The baskets can be equipped with mesh substrates to capture finer particles and biomass materials, based on the specific needs of different applications. Additionally, oil socks can be attached to the standard basket to facilitate the handling of hydrocarbon residues, such as oil and fuel slicks. (An OilShark is currently in R&D for larger oil spill application.)


Every WasteShark is equipped with a standard depth and temperature sensor. For specific requirements, additional water quality and environmental sensors can be seamlessly integrated into the WasteShark platform as optional equipment, tailored to each customer's needs. The integration of Eureka sensors, such as the MANTA and Trimeter sensor formats, has proven to be highly reliable and accurate, delivering exceptional results. These sensor configurations typically encompass probes for measuring temperature, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO), oxidation reduction potential (ORP), and turbidity.

Dynamic, real-time sensor data can be accessed through the handheld controller or RanMarine Connect, our web-based device and data management software interface. All sensor data is geotagged, securely stored, and readily available for visualization. Furthermore, the data can be downloaded for exporting to other reporting and data analysis tools, enabling comprehensive data analysis and reporting capabilities.

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