Sectors We Serve

RanMarine’s aquatic-drones provide advantages in a number of sectors. Our vessels are currently deployed in more than 27 countries globally incl the UK, EU, USA, Africa, Australia and Asia.


Urban water environments encompass the dynamic interplay between smart cities, municipalities, and governmental entities, where innovative technologies and sustainable practices are employed to manage water resources, enhance infrastructure, and improve the overall quality of life for urban residents.

Aquatic infrastructure

Aquatic infrastructure encompasses the vital network of ports, harbours, marinas, and waterways that serve as crucial lifelines for economic growth, tourism and transportation.


Recreational water use includes diverse activities like nature exploration, golfing, estates, and tourism. It offers relaxation, leisure, and appreciation of water landscapes, attracting tourists and supporting local economies.


Water service involves research, environmental organizations, and NGOs working together to study, preserve, and improve water resources. They raise awareness, advocate for conservation, and collaborate with communities and governments to address water challenges, ensuring sustainable use for future generations.