RanMarine Connect

RanMarine Connect™ is a proprietary web-based application platform offering simple and intuitive control functionality for our autonomous range of products (e.g. WasteShark and SharkPod), in addition to data access and visualization tools for the information that is collected by sensors.

Simple Autonomous Control

  • Manage multiple operating locations & routes with ease
  • Create, save and send your autonomous vessel on routes at the click of a button
  • Pause and resume missions at any time
  • Create a home location so your autonomous vessel knows where to return at the end of its mission, or when it needs to recharge its batteries

Flexible Data Access: Dynamic and real-time, or historic

  • View data-feed in real-time
  • Automatically record trash and data harvesting missions
  • Geo-referenced sensor data for accurate observation
  • Configure alerts when a sensor threshold value is breached

Vessel Control

Product Dashboard
Missions Plan & Log
Sensor Date Insights
Impact Measurement

Environmental Insight


Set your drones out on an autonomous path


View the status of your drones


Monitor the data of your drones

Impact report

A report generated using data from between two chosen dates.
Data has been gathered starting from May 3, 2023 and ending on May 3, 2023.

  • 3 mission(s) completed.
  • 1 drone(s) used in these missions.
  • 2 kilometer(s) covered in total.
  • 100 kg of biomass captured
  • 128 liters of Man-made Trash captured
  • 120 liters of Mix (Man-made & Biomass) captured

Mission data forms the basis for impact reporting.
Insight into a RanMarine’s blue tech investment, and how this is making a measurable difference (by hour, day, month or year).