Innovation, crafted for nature We aim to empower people and organisations across the planet to help restore the aquatic environment to its natural state.

To protect water and its ecosystems.

RanMarine Technology is a pioneering company specialising in the design and development of advanced technologies, including autonomous surface vessels (ASVs) for the efficient cleanup of pollution, bio-waste, and debris in various aquatic environments and waterways.

Our innovative solutions integrate data-driven technology for water quality monitoring, empowering our clients to proactively improve their surroundings.

About us

Autonomous surface vessels that clean

The WasteShark by RanMarine is designed to remove floating pollution such as waste, plastics,
algae and biomass from lakes, ponds, waterways and harbours.

Our Products


A versatile mini tender that seamlessly combines efficient cargo transportation with environmental conservation.


Browse our range of accessories to enhance and complement your Shark experience.


The SharkPod serves as an independent docking and recharging station designed specifically for RanMarine's WasteShark Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASVs).


RanMarine is innovating in the field of aquatic oil spill response with the development of an Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV) called "OilShark."


Revolutionizing waterway waste management with its high-volume waste collection capabilities, driving environmental conservation.


Agile and efficient aquatic waste collector for cleaner water bodies.


About us

Our purpose is to empower individuals and organisations worldwide to restore the natural state of aquatic environments. The company's mission revolves around developing advanced technologies specifically designed for clearing pollution, bio-waste, and debris from waterways. Additionally, RanMarine utilises data-driven approaches to monitor water quality and empower our clients to proactively improve their environments.

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