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Cleaning and monitoring our world’s waters, protecting our future.

RanMarine Technology specializes in the design and development of industrial autonomous vessels / drones. These can be used in ports, harbours and other water environments.

Our data enabled products allow our customers to monitor their water environments in real-time. This allows for an analytical, yet proactive approach to water management. Moreover, RanMarine’s sharks are designed to be controlled manually by an onshore operator or autonomously via a cloud-based portal.

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RanMarine’s Sharks (the WasteShark and DataShark) swim around the clock cleaning and monitoring our waters. These autonomous data-driven vessels are deployed globally. Our drones can be deployed to remove plastic debris and biomass while collecting data at the same time.

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Protecting our waters

Our mission is to empower people and organizations across the planet to restore the marine environment to its natural state. In addition, our data-driven autonomous technology creates this opportunity by cleaning and monitoring our waters.

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Designing compelling technology to
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Global Good Governance Awards (3G Awards)
EIT support for cleaning and monitoring oceans
Seal of Excellence
Zayed Sustainability Prize


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