The OilShark

Rapid and agile deployment for mid-scale hydrocarbon residue capture.

RanMarine is innovating in the field of aquatic oil spill response with the development of an Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV) called "OilShark." This specialised vessel is designed to address incidental oil spills that occur in inshore locations, such as ports, harbours, and areas with high vessel traffic where hydrocarbon spills are likely to happen. Serving as a rapid response and first responder solution, the OilShark enables clean-up crews to swiftly deploy and initiate containment measures for these spills.

RanMarine integrates advanced data connectivity via RanMarine Connect on the Megashark platform, enhancing operational capabilities. Partnering with leading European Oil Response companies, RanMarine ensures the effectiveness of the OilShark. Commercial units are set to launch in Q4 2024.