Estates and Golf Courses:

Estates, housing developments, and golf courses have a responsibility to manage water quality effectively to ensure the well-being of residents and the sustainable use of water resources. The use of technologies developed and deployed by RanMarine can play a role in assisting with water quality management.

Water Testing and Monitoring: Regular testing assesses water quality by analysing parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, and pollutants. It enables timely corrective actions.

Stormwater Management: Clearing waste and biomass before flash flooding is critical for unobstructed water flow. Strategies like retention ponds, permeable surfaces, and vegetative buffers mitigate runoff and filter pollutants.

Educational Programs: Awareness campaigns and educational programs promote responsible practices, including proper waste management and preserving water quality.

RanMarine offers autonomous surface vessels equipped with sensors and collection baskets to efficiently remove debris and pollutants from water bodies. By implementing these strategies and technologies, these communities can maintain clean and sustainable water sources, promoting environmental sustainability and benefiting both residents and the overall health of the environment.

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