Leisure and assistance

Offering an environmentally sensitive transport solution for the boating and sailing community or fast first responder / EMS solution.

Collecting and delivering light cargo

It's important to take a break from work and enjoy some leisure time. The TenderShark is a unique solution designed to serve the boating and sailing community as a versatile, eco-friendly transport option for light cargo. This "mini" tender can be operated manually or autonomously, and is designed to efficiently and effectively transport payloads from ship to shore, and vice versa. Its multi-purpose design makes it a valuable addition for boaters who want to enjoy their time on the water without sacrificing convenience or sustainability.

Maneuverable First Responder

The TenderShark is a valuable first responder and EMS solution that can be quickly deployed in emergency situations. When floodwaters or waterways prevent rescue services from reaching people in need, this compact device can provide assistance. Its maneuverability and point-of-view camera display allow for direct access to deliver emergency supplies to those in hard-to-reach locations. The TenderShark is a reliable solution when time is of the essence and quick action is necessary.

All-weather work

Capable of all-weather work


When time is of the essence and quick action is necessary