The SharkPod

The multi-drone docking and recharging station

The SharkPod serves as an independent docking and recharging station designed specifically for RanMarine's WasteShark Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASVs). This floating platform, capable of mooring, can accommodate up to five ASVs simultaneously. With the SharkPod, the discharge of the ASV's payload and the recharge of its battery can be fully automated.

The primary objective of the SharkPod is to enable comprehensive, 24/7 automated waste removal coverage of a water area. By reducing labour costs and enhancing productivity and data quality simultaneously, significant operational cost savings can be achieved. Additionally, the SharkPod collects valuable environmental and performance data, which users can access conveniently through the RanMarine Connect portal.

The SharkPod is undergoing an extended period of stress testing as part of its research and development phase.