The WasteShark

Refined design built for function and purpose

Inspired by the whale shark, the WasteShark is a small autonomous surface vessel (ASV) that excels in efficiently handling aquatic waste. Featuring a sleek yet robust design reminiscent of a small catamaran with a centrally positioned basket between the hulls, the WasteShark integrates a diverse array of sensors and cutting-edge technologies. This thoughtful combination enables seamless navigation and meticulous cleaning of water bodies, guaranteeing a highly effective waste management solution.

Notably, the WasteShark boasts several advantages, including its eco-friendliness with zero greenhouse emissions, versatility in applications, low cost, ease of operation and portable deployment.

Flexible WasteShark Models: Manual and Autonomous Operations

The manual WasteShark model allows users to control the drone's operations, providing adaptability in real-time situations. With this model, users can manually pilot the WasteShark to navigate water bodies and target specific areas for waste collection or data gathering.

The autonomous model is specifically designed for efficient operations based on pre-set mission routes. Users can select the desired operating route and predefine the WasteShark’s path, ensuring thorough coverage of the target region for waste management or data collection. Additionally, the integration of LiDAR technology enhances safety by enabling collision avoidance. Mission routes can be saved and re-run as frequently as necessary, allowing for consistent and systematic monitoring or cleaning efforts.

Both the manual and autonomous WasteShark models provide versatile and efficient solutions for waste management and data collection in water bodies.


8 hours

swim time

5km / 3m


500kg / 1100lbs

debris cleared per day

Waypoint planning



Low Cost
Ease to Operate
Zero carbon emissions