About RanMarine:

Dedicated to protecting water and its ecosystems

RanMarine is a company dedicated to protecting water and aquatic ecosystems.

Our purpose is to empower individuals and organisations worldwide to restore the natural state of aquatic environments. The company's mission revolves around developing advanced technologies specifically designed for clearing pollution, bio-waste, and debris from waterways. Additionally, RanMarine utilises data-driven approaches to monitor water quality and empower our clients to improve their environments proactively.

At the core of RanMarine's operations is its vision to be at the forefront of autonomous water drone technology for waterway cleaning and preservation. We prioritise innovation, sustainability, and education as we work towards a future where clean and healthy waterbodies support diverse ecosystems and thriving communities.

Revolutionising Waterway Solutions through Innovation

The original concept came about when our founder Richard Hardiman witnessed the manual cleaning of marine litter from Cape Town's harbour using small boats and nets; a conventional approach employed worldwide to capture floating waste. He envisioned a technology-driven waste removal solution for greater efficiency, leading him into the environmental sector.

In 2016, RanMarine Technology was established in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, aided by support from the PORTXL Maritime Accelerator. The company has since earned acclaim for our WasteShark, an autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) akin to a small catamaran. Fitted with state-of-the-art robotics, sensors, cameras, and AI, the WasteShark can be remotely controlled or operate autonomously, navigating water bodies to collect and dispose of waste. Its substantial storage capacity enables the collection of significant waste volumes before needing emptying.

RanMarine's dedication to safeguarding the environment and our pioneering approach to technology establish us as frontrunners in the industry. Our fleet has grown to include the TenderShark and MegaShark, and planned commercial solutions include the OilShark and SharkPod, both in the research and development phase.

By offering diverse solutions for cleaning, monitoring and maintaining waterways, we are committed to the global efforts to reduce pollution and promote healthier aquatic ecosystems.

Fun fact: The WasteShark design mimics the giant mouth of a Whale Shark, known for its slow swimming and filtration of tiny organisms like krill and jellyfish. Similarly, the WasteShark swims and collects floating waste in its basket, resembling the shark's filtration process.

Our Philosophy

Genuine environmental, social value & economic value.

Serve the planet

Join RanMarine in cleaning our waterways! By adopting innovative Autonomous Surface Vessel technology you can reduce pollution and preserve aquatic ecosystems. The efficiency of robotic technology allows our clients to act now for a healthier planet!

Educate the future

Become a water steward with RanMarine's connected technology. Learn about aquatic water quality and inspire change by action! Did you know, we are collecting data to allow our clients to forecast imminent water health issues? Educating to protect our waterways.

Empower stakeholders

Collaborate with RanMarine to amplify your environmental impact. Leverage cutting-edge solutions to engage your communities and drive sustainable practices. Empowering clients with the tools and knowledge needed to actively serve nature!

RanMarine supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Key projects and partners

RanMarine aims to empower people and organizations across the planet to restore the aquatic environment to its natural state.

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