The MegaShark

RanMarine Technology proudly presents The MegaShark, an innovative solution designed to tackle waterway waste and promote environmental conservation.

The MegaShark is specifically engineered to harvest waste using powerful suction jets, increasing waste capture in hard-to-reach chokeholds. The vessel has the capability to collect larger volumes of waste per day and can potentially be retro-fitted with an additional onboard trash compaction system, making it a game-changer in waterway clean-up efforts.

With its shallow draft, The MegaShark emits minimal drag, resulting in improved efficiency and extended battery life. Operating the drone is a breeze, with operators having the option to comfortably stand or sit on the vessel or control it remotely from the shore. Additionally, the MegaShark boasts an impressive running time of 8 hours on advanced battery technology, ensuring emission-free operation on the water and minimizing further environmental pollution.

Key Features and Options for Unparalleled Performance

Electrically Operated: The MegaShark operates entirely on electric power, eliminating harmful emissions and providing a clean and sustainable solution for waterway clean-up.

Operator and Radio Controlled: Enjoy the flexibility of on-board or off-board cleaning with the MegaShark, thanks to its operator and radio control capabilities. This versatility allows for efficient and effective waste collection from various vantage points.

Real-time Monitoring: Stay connected with The MegaShark's 4G connectivity, enabling health, data, and equipment monitoring in real-time. This feature ensures optimal performance and allows for proactive maintenance and troubleshooting.

Powerful Suction Jets: The MegaShark is equipped with powerful suction jets that enhance waste capture in challenging and hard-to-access areas. These jets ensure thorough cleaning, leaving no chokehold unaddressed.

Reverse Thrust or Basket Lifting: Offloading captured debris is made effortless with the MegaShark's reverse thrust capability or basket lifting mechanism. Choose the most suitable method for efficient waste disposal and seamless clean-up operations.