Keeping our environment clean is important to all of us. Waste collection is a big part of that because waste ending up in our waterways and ultimately in our oceans can make them unsightly, polluted and unsafe. Right now, 18 billion pounds of post-consumer plastic waste drains into oceans yearly. We believe it's imperative to do something about it right now. It’s time to clean things up.

Removing sizable amounts of waste per day

WasteShark and MegaShark target floating aquatic waste right at the source, efficiently removing 500-1000kgs/1100-2200lbs of waste per day from all types of waterways. Easily deployable, they can be operated safely and securely from virtually anywhere. Let’s stop the global escalation of water pollution in its tracks.

The build of the WasteShark has been purposely designed to be able to reach areas that other vessels and trash reclamation units cannot get to. Small enough to get into tight spaces where trash generally collects in water (chokeholds) yet big enough to make a sizeable difference in the amount of waste that is removed.

The bigger MegaShark 400x200cm/157x79inch vessel is a versatile solution that can be deployed in harbours, ports, marinas, canals, rivers and on inland and coastal waterways. The vessel offers onboard piloting as well as remote controlled operation and is electrically powered.

Reducing costs but maximising clean-up efforts simply and efficiently

As a waste-removal tool, the WasteShark has the capability to service both small and hard to reach waste chokeholds – equally the MegaShark has the capability to sweep large expanses of waterways, skimming the surface clean as they operate. Both units are capable of all-weather work. Due to their low cost and limited maintenance, higher density waste areas can be easily serviced by scaling up the number of units deployed – reducing costs but maximising clean-up efforts simply and efficiently.

Scalable payload solutions

The WasteShark and MegaShark offer scalable solutions to remove aquatic debris and waste.

Operate in all types of water

Can operate in all types of water and capable of tackling different missions every day.


Vessels are equipped with intelligent autonomous technology for independent and efficient operation.


The WasteShark is budget-friendly for communities of all sizes and a small price for clean and safe water.

All-weather work

Capable of all-weather work

Low maintenance

Low maintenance schedule