Leisure & Tourism

The WasteShark presents waterfronts, hotels, resorts and theme parks with the perfect eco-friendly and unobtrusive solution with which to keep their waterbodies free of plastics and associated litter. Small and manoeuvrable enough to clean in tight corners and under obstructions where waste tends to gather, yet with enough capacity to remove half a ton of litter per day, this is a Shark, guests will be happy to see patrolling the water.


Designed for use within inland waterways, the WasteShark is equally adept at clearing waste from coastal areas under suitably calm conditions. There is no longer a need for staff to venture onto the water in boats with nets when they can operate our Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASV’s) safely and comfortably from the shore in either autonomous or manual modes.

With the addition of Eureka sensors, The WasteShark is not only capable of cleaning the water, but also monitoring how safe it is for recreational use. Data is gathered to measure a number of variables relevant to water health and quality, and is sent back in real time to operators.

Other sectors we serve as well


In such large areas with high levels of commercial activity it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor the environment with limited manpower

Smart Cities
Smart cities

Smart cities need to utilize modern technology to monitor and maintain their water health.


As Marinas are a safe haven for small vessels, Ranmarine Sharks collect debris and data.