Pilot with the WasteShark in Dordrecht a success

Original article in Dutch. Translation below:  The pilot with the so called WasteShark was a success according to the Dordrecht municipality. During the trials, the device navigated through the Spuihaven in the Dordrecht city centre to clean plastic waste.

The WasteShark collected each time approximately three bags of garbage. This is just as much as what was being fished out before the trial by two men in a boat. The WasteShark makes the boat unnecessary and is also operated by one man.

For the pilot the municipality of Dordrecht cooperated with the developer RanMarine Technology, contractor Krinkels, Cirkellab and the water authority Hollandse Delta. Some experience was gained with the device previously in the Rotterdam port area.

The WasteShark is operated from the waterfront. By means of a camera on the drone, the operator can see what the WasteShark encounters. In addition to waste, they also involved reeds, lily leaves and bridges. To manage these obstacles, the drone was adjusted during the trial period.

The local residents of the Spuihaven were happy with the WasteShark. RanMarine and Krinkels will continue to develop the drone together and deploy it elsewhere in the country. The collected waste is reused. Cirkellabwants to make it a work of art.

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