RanMarine’s Interview with Las Vegas Morning Blend on ABC

RanMarine‘s latest project, the Waste Shark, is working to clean up waterways.  Founder and CEO Richard Hardiman talks to Las Vegas Morning Blend about their first time at CES.

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“Every year eight million tons of toxic plastic leak into our oceans, while Ranmarine Technology, a dutch start-up, has come up with a solution to get rid of harmful waste from returning to shore before it do damage and it was shown at CES.  Joining us now is Richard Hardiman, founder and CEO of RanMarine Technology.
This is very interesting, when I was reading over the statics on how much waste gets into our ocean.
Interviewer: How does the WasteShark work?
Richard Hardiman: It’s a robot that collects plastic waste and biomass out of water.  I like to reference it to a roomba for water, its the easiest way to think of it, its the size of a coffee table and swims around waterways, cities, marinas and ports, anywhere it can leak plastic and biomass into the ocean, we tend to exist, and our little robot goes around sucks it up and brings it back to short.
Interviewer: Tell me more about RanMarine?
Richard Hardiman: We were found about 5 years ago and have been working on this particular project for the last 3-4 years. We are principally a robotics company that manages autonomy in water, and one of our products, of course is the WasteShark.  We are a group of 20 nerds who love robotics and love saving the planet at the same time.
Interviewer: How long did it take to put it all together?
Richard Hardiman: I started in about 2013. I like to reference myself as Accidental Environmentalist, as I hadn’t realized how bad the plastic problem in the oceans were at the time. I was hanging out in my home town, Cape Town, South Africa and I saw guys moving plastic out of the water using nets and boats, my engineering brain said their must be a more efficient way of doing this. Started scribbling down some ideas, built a prototype in my garage and tested the prototype in my swimming pool.  Entered into the Netherlands who are maritime and robotics focused.  Managed to hire a few key people who bought everything together.
Interviewer: Tell us about your experience at CES?
Richard Hardiman: My first CES show, oddly enough I used to live in Las Vegas, so used to craziness of the town, but this is another level.  Its brilliant.  So many concepts around that you walk past and you want test everything, next to me there is a flying car, which I have never seen before and want to take home with me.  There is a car that changes colour  and amazing Fintech Health tech all around the world.
Interviewer: Tell us about the major award you won for innovation?
Richard Hardiman: In the unmanned and drones category we won the honouree award at CES, which we are proud of and the team is celebrating back home. It is difficult work, coming up with robotics working in water so to be awarded something as prestigious at CES is quite exciting for us.
Interviewer: With the WasteShark, by the way I love the colour, my colour is orange.  You actually have contracts with Disney and Universal Studios and more.  What do they do at those locations?
Richard Hardiman: Disney and Universal in Florida obviously have a lot of water space in their parks.  There is a lot of biomass, algae and rubbish that fall into park waters so they use our products primarily to take this out where they cannot access or they need to get in their at night, so our robots go out and bring it back to shore for them.  They’re really exciting customers to have and fun to be involved with.
Interviewer: With this product itself, leaving such a great footprint for the future, because we are cleaning up the mess.  Where do we go to learn more about this innovations?
Richard Hardiman: You can visit us on our website at ranmarine.io.  We are happy to answer questions and love to chat.