Assistance needed to collect nurdles from beaches

Litter4Tokens is calling for help following the resurgence of plastic nurdle pollution on SA beaches.

Litter4Tokens is an innovative recycling solution, whereby bags of recyclable material are exchanged for tokens valued at R5 each. These can be redeemed for dry goods in token shops at the many Litter4Tokens outlets across South Africa, thereby targeting the dual challenge of pollution and hunger simultaneously. Since the launch of Litter4Tokens in 2015, more than 528 000 bags of litter have been prevented from reaching the oceans, and more than 156 000 people in remote South African communities fed.

The long-term solution is the large-scale Basking Shark machine which removes small, medium and large shoreline plastic efficiently, by sucking it into a massive tube, thereby eradicating microplastics and improving the health of marine ecosystems.

Litter4tokens has partnered with RanMarine to offer the WasteShark, the first water drone based on the whale shark frame. This is designed to work inside the coastal waters, primarily in city waterways, ports, rivers and waters, thereby stopping the flow of waste and plastics at the source. In addition to collecting waste, it also collects valuable data that can be used for enhanced ocean clean-ups.

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