US Embassy invests more than US$172 thousand to clean up Lake Ilopango

Written by Alejandra García Ortiz  
Original story translated

The United States Embassy in El Salvador, through its Military Group, invested US$172,722 to clean Lake Ilopango, demonstrating its commitment to protecting this important body of water, which can generate greater attraction for residents and international tourists.

In this sense, the money was used to acquire three “WasteShark” aquatic cleaning drones, which are designed to completely clean the area and guarantee the health of the inhabitants and visitors to the lake.

Likewise, these devices will be used to keep the waters of Lake Ilopango free of garbage and contribute to its preservation. Additionally, this collaboration with the United States Embassy can attract international attention and highlight El Salvador’s efforts to preserve its natural resources.

Likewise, the Minister Counselor, Katherine Dueholm said “A clean lake is not simply a beautiful landscape, but it is also a lifeline for the communities that live nearby. A clean lake ensures the health and well-being of people by being a sustainable source of water for various domestic uses, thus protecting public health.

Investment in cleaning Lake Ilopango can enhance its tourist attraction by improving water quality, ensuring public health, promoting community development and projecting a positive image of El Salvador as a sustainable and responsible tourist destination.