**Joint Announcement: RanMarine Technology and HEBO Unite for Groundbreaking OilShark Aquatic Vessel**

[Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 18/9/2023] — RanMarine Technology and HEBO) jointly announce an exciting collaboration that combines their respective strengths in autonomous aqua-drone technology and maritime solutions. This partnership marks the beginning of a transformative journey to develop the innovative OilShark, a pioneering aquatic vessel engineered to revolutionise oil spill cleanup with efficiency and environmental responsibility.

RanMarine Technology has earned global recognition for its leadership in autonomous aqua-vessel technology, exemplified by the highly successful WasteShark™, designed for waste collection in aquatic environments. Conversely, HEBO, a distinguished Dutch company, boasts a rich history of expertise in maritime and offshore services, encompassing marine salvage, wreck removal, heavy lifting, transportation, and offshore support.

Marius Punt, CEO of Hebo “The fusion of RanMarine’s prowess in autonomous vessel design with HEBO’s comprehensive maritime capabilities promises to yield the OilShark, a groundbreaking solution that will safely, swiftly, and sustainably address oil spill cleanup challenges. Indeed an exciting joint venture that builds on our own company’s maritime and offshore expertise.”

This collaboration underscores the joint commitment of both parties to advancing environmental conservation efforts and setting new industry standards.

CEO and Founder of RanMarine Technology, Richard Hardiman “RanMarine and HEBO are enthusiastic about the potential of this cooperative venture to make a significant impact on protecting our waterways and oceans from the devastating effects of oil pollution. The OilShark will represent a significant leap forward in oil spill response technology, delivering a solution that is not only highly effective but also environmentally conscious.”

The development of the OilShark stands as a testament to both Dutch companies dedication to innovation and unwavering commitment to preserving our precious aquatic ecosystems for future generations.

For more information about RanMarine Technology and HEBO, please visit their official websites or contact their respective media relations teams:

HEBO: www.hebo.eu

RanMarine Technology: www.ranmarine.io

Media Contact: Patrick Baransky

Global Head of Marketing


+31 61 6952175

About RanMarine:

RanMarine is a company dedicated to protecting water and its ecosystems. Our purpose is to empower individuals and organisations worldwide to restore the natural state of aquatic environments. The company’s mission revolves around developing advanced technologies specifically designed for clearing pollution, bio-waste, and debris from waterways. Additionally, RanMarine utilises data-driven approaches to monitor water quality and empower our clients to proactively improve their environments.

About HEBO:

HEBO is a Dutch company specialising in maritime and offshore services. With a proven track record of tackling challenging maritime projects, including oil spill cleanup, marine salvage, wreck removal, heavy lifting, transportation, and offshore support, HEBO has established itself as a trusted partner in the industry.
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