Your own branded WasteShark

Have a positive impact and benefit the environment by sponsoring your own branded WasteShark, which we can either place at participating locations for a term or you can nominate your own preferred recipient.

As an organisation focused on the protection of the marine environment could you benefit from the use of a sponsored WasteShark?

 Or perhaps you represent a corporate, multi-national or a concerned business entity looking to make a positive impact and benefit the environment by sponsoring your own branded WasteShark?

 If you answered ‘Yes’ to either of the above questions, then this page is most definitely for you!


RanMarine wants to maximise the positive impact of our drone technology around the world. At the same time, we have seen that funding is not always available to some organisations tackling the critical issues of pollution in water.

In response to the growing trend for corporates and businesses to make a positive environmental impact, we’ve developed the concept of sponsored WasteShark placements. Our flexible sponsorship model gives companies the opportunity to use CSR & ESG budgets to fund their own sponsor-branded WasteSharks to locations in need.

A sponsored WasteShark for a limited duration

The recipient of the drone is happy, because they get to use a new and effective technology to capture unwanted and harmful waste.

The drone sponsors have the opportunity to fund an environmental project and enjoy positive brand exposure adjacent to the visible, positive impact this makes. At the same time, the sponsor has access to valuable data insights through RanMarine Connect, which adds significant and credible value to ESG reporting.

Sponsorship benefits include:

  • Unique and meaningful participation in an environmental project
  • Visual awareness through the branded WasteShark unit
  • Monthly data insight reports, including information relevant to WasteShark efficacy and impact
  • Effective and quantifiable CSR & ESG investment
  • Flexible options to suite sponsor requirements (e.g., deployment locations, campaign duration & targeted sectors)
  • PR value: the positive PR value gained through this initiative is unique, and the efficacy is both measurable and impactful
  • The use of new OEM technology makes pollution collection projects more efficient, and requires fewer volunteers whilst offering targeted (waste) reach capability

Talk to us about putting a tailored, sponsored WasteShark placement project together for you?!

 (Above offer is limited to certain locations and subject to drones’ availability and approvals processes)