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Only recently, I have a shark is sailing by my backyard. No, not a real shark, but a so-called “WasteShark.” What is this? Let’s just say a uh… remote controlled vacuum cleaner in the form of a catamaran. This thing, more than one meter long and almost as wide, is radio controlled (is this still used nowadays?) and the ‘driver’ who, somewhere from the side, or perhaps on a terrace can, thanks to a camera on that little boat and a screen on the remote control show where the ‘bounty’ can be obtained.

This ‘bounty’ consists for the most part of junk, namely the junk that has been thrown without hesitation by lazy people in the Spuihaven over the years. Do people do this? Yes, they do … I see this every day (I have been living at the Spuihaven for over 20 years) with my own eyes. From my backyard I see that junk literally drifting by; especially ice-cream cups, empty cigarette packs, French-fry bags and plastic shopping bags. 

By going over the drifting waste, the waste (and also excess duckweed) disappears in a compartment that is located between the two floats of the mini-catamaran. When the compartment is full you pull the water vacuum cleaner, also known as the aquadrone, to the side to transfer the contents into garbage bags.

When last Monday, two operators were experimenting with the WasteShark in front of the press, I was enjoying the spectacle from my garden and came to the conclusion that it really does work. And then my imagination ran wild … I would also like to be a helmsman for a while. This WaterShark is, as a prototype, undoubtedly still very expensive, but the day will surely come that these things will be massed produced. So, I say, dear municipality lend me (and a few of my neighbours) the WasteShark a while and on summer evenings I can enjoy playing from my lounge chair in my garden and keep ‘my’ Spuihaven clean of junk and duckweed. This seems to me much more fun than fishing.

Full article link: https://keesthies.com/2018/04/17/vuilnishaai/

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