Water Quality

Water quality is being impacted  by waste and pollution that is entering our waters at an unprecedented level. As all our water is connected, this is an ‘everyone’ problem. Which means it’s up to all of us to monitor and manage the quality of our water, starting right in our backyards.

Water quality monitoring with our drones

The WasteShark  and DataShark collect data that is geo-tagged and timestamped to give an accurate picture of the water quality health within an ecosystem.This allows you to accurately monitor the quality of your water to help verify compliance with pollution regulations, identify potential contaminants early to minimize the impact on the environment and, basically, make your water safe for everyone to enjoy.

Water health monitoring
Water quality monitoring

Data collection configured to your needs

Collecting data that meets your requirements is possible using our DataShark. Our aquatic drone can be configured with different sensors to help monitor temperature, depth, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, blue-green algae, crude, refined oils and more. RanMarine uses Eureka water probes. Any data you collect is immediately available for reporting and analysis through the WasteShark Data Portal.

Whether you run a smart city, water district or an organization, the aquatic drone / ASV helps ensure that data collection is quick and accurate ensuring our waters are safe for everyone.

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