Save the ocean! A waste collection drone on the water that can work 16 hours a day "The Waste Shark"

July 28, 2018

Original article in Japanese. Translation below:


"The Waste Shark" of a water drone developed by Ran Marine Technology Inc. of the Netherlands. Whale sharks are modeled and, as the name says, collects garbage floating on the water with a large mouth. Because it moves unattended, it will clean the garbage such as harbor and canal 24 hours a day.


RanMarine is a Dutch technology company that designs and sells water drone to improve water quality. He specializes in water drone that can swim in water, remove unnecessary substances, and collect data on water quality.


The WasteShark can operate up to 16 hours with battery and solar panel and can collect up to 200 litters of garbage in a single activity.




You can check the water quality


It can check the water temperature, depth, oxygen content, ammonium etc. with the installed sensor, so it also helps water quality improvement. Currently under examination at the city of Rotterdam and near Dortrecht. Commercial projects in South Africa and India seem to start soon.



If the drone like The WasteShark becomes a natural future to clean the harbor and canal, it is likely that the world's ocean garbage will be cut down as a result.




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