Garbage eating "shark" was seen in Kristianstad

December 17, 2017

Written by: Hans Hällman


Article translated from Swedish


WasteShark picks plastic in central Kristianstad.


In common with many other cities suffer Kristianstad large amounts of plastic debris. Some were recently collected by WasteShark water shark, a battery powered craft whose large gap extinguishes lots of plastic.


Skinny white and almost two meters long, yes, it was not difficult to spot the strange craft that recently patrolled the channel water in Kristianstad. The model was a prototype of RanMarine's WasteShark, which was designed to collect plastic debris in just rivers, canals and harbors.


And it may be necessary. Every year, around 13 million tonnes of landfill waste will eventually end up in the ocean, most of which are plastic coming from land.


The gathering in Kristianstad went well and the interest was great from passers-by. A lot of plastic was picked up before the test run was completed.


Jonathan Bengtsson, who was responsible for the show, was pleased with the day and is now looking forward to great interest in the Dutch invention.


"I have wanted to get a WasteShark to Sweden since March when I saw it online for the first time. Ranmarine's vision of the solution to this massive problem appealed to me. Since then, I have spent many hours marketing it in Sweden, both via mail and at various events. I hope that most people in Sweden will have a WasteShark. It's an inexpensive measure for the problem of littering, he says.


Jonathan Bengtsson and a WasteShark.


If everything goes according to plans, a ready-made WasteShark will be launched next year. The standard model is powered by a 16 volt battery and is capable of collecting 180 liters of plastic before it needs to be emptied. Built-in sensors ensure that crashes are avoided and a GPS feature allows the "sharks" to work autonomously. 


The price tag for a standard model is believed to be around 250,000 SEK.




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