Cleaning drone clears the canal

Atricle translated from Swedish


The WasteShark can take care of itself via GPS coordinates. This prototype is controlled via remote control.

Image: Tommy Svensson



Cleaning drones clears up in the canal. Like a robot vacuum cleaner, but on water. The municipality is interested in a Dutch invention that takes care of junk in the canals. Two students from the university in Eindhoven stand at the ski park outside the mall and maneuver the craft like a radio controlled boat. It has an open front and the objects that end up in its wall are collected.


Kristianstad is the second municipality in Sweden that receives a demonstration of the cleaning machine called "aquadrone". "We showed up in Malmö on Monday, but Kristianstad has also shown interest. This is the first time we show in the Nordic region, "says Jonathan Bengtsson. He manages RanMarine's social media and is the contact person for the company that developed the product called Wasteshark. - The container can hold 350 liters. It is powered by two electric turbines and a 16 volt battery. After eight hours, it needs to be recharged, says Jonathan, emphasizing that it is a prototype that appears. WasteShark produces zero carbon emissions.


A delegation from C4 Technology connects. We have problems with paper and jars. Unfortunately, people are dropping this litter where they want", says Johan Isberg, supervisor of the administration. He confirms that the municipality is interested in a solution that makes it easier to keep clean in the channels. "We cut and hold, but the rubbish floating around is harder to access. Colleague Michael Holst agrees. "The municipalities demand that the channels be clean. This can be a solution. Not least to do well during events and before school closures.


The fully developed version has a GPS feature that allows the machine to work like a vacuum cleaner - without a human controller. In a particular embodiment, it can also take samples of the quality of the water and measure the presence of heavy metals.


The price tag for the product depends on the model you want, but is around 250,000 kronor. 



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