Ranmarine Technology programming on TV this week - Doe Maar Duurzaam (RTLZ)

Producer: Ilja Runia


Ranmarine Technology is being aired on television this week (01/10/2017-07/10/2017) on Doe Maar Duurzaam (RTLZ) in Netherlands.  The television program that deals with various developments and innovations within the sustainability industry


The video is in Dutch and in English from 0:25 mins.



Ranmarine is a Dutch environmental technology company. They have invented an innovative way of getting waste early in the ports. This is because all of this waste has a major impact on flora and fauna. Ranmarine has developed a floating drone, the WasteShark, that extracts the waste from the ports. It's a quick and effective way to clean the waters. How the WasteShark works and how easy it is to use it.




The full television episode can be viewed here: https://www.rtl.nl/video/43d66b60-842f-3a80-bbc4-6c7427fe32c1/


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