Does a Drone Do That?

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Can a drone mop up oil spills?


Not quite, but a drone can almost do that.

A demonstration swarm of autonomous drones from the University at Buffalo were mounted with cameras to identify oil, water, and oil-water boundaries after an


Can a drone collect garbage?


Yes. A drone does that.

The WasteShark is an autonomous aquatic drone that gobbles up marine litter while gathering data about weather conditions, water quality, marine traffic, and more.

Waste Sharks work together and communicate through a central database. Together they form a responsive, self-organizing net, catching waste before it is carried out to the open ocean.


Can a drone take you some place?


It depends where you want to go 

A passenger drone is expected to debut in Dubai this summer, but drones are already taking us places in other ways. High-quality drone photography creates virtual worlds that

Can a drone grow food?


Yes. A drone does that, in a way.

Drones give farmers the ability to gather highly detailed data about soil and crop conditions. Farmers have long used satellite systems and manned aircraft to collect crop data.


Can a drone fight infections?


A drone can pretty much do that. It all hinges on package delivery.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic are investigating how drones could automate the delivery of blood and tissue samples. Millions of samples are transported


Can a drone make guacamole?


No. A drone doesn't do that, but it may save guacamole.

Avocados are a half-billion-dollar business in the U.S., and they are threatened by laurel wilt, a fungus carried by invasive ambrosia beetles. To stave off crop


Can a drone build bridges?


Yes. Drones do that.

In a proof of concept, scientists erected two simple towers 24 feet apart and sent a fleet of drones to survey them. The drones were programmed to measure the distance between the towers and


Can a drone entertain pseudo-hipsters?


Yes. Drones do that.

At the 2017 Coachella music festival (and the 2017 Super Bowl), drones created a choreographed light show. Swarms of small light-bearing drones can arrange and rearrange themselves into patterns, pictures, and words, like



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