Sectors We Serve

RanMarine’s drones provide advantages in a number of sectors. Our drones are currently deployed in the UK, EU, USA, Africa, Australia and Asia.

Smart Cities/State and federal governments

According to the UN, 68% of the world population is estimated to live in urban areas by 2050. Increased consumption and the exponential growth in waste is inevitable. Smart cities need to utilize modern technology to monitor and maintain their water health.

See which Governments are using RanMarine as their solution:

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In such large areas with high levels of commercial activity (cargo, cruise liners, repairs and refueling) it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor the environment with limited manpower. Waste is not only an eyesore: evolving regulation and strict pollution compliance regimes can present a legal risk to a port facility. With a 5km range, RanMarine’s drones / ASV’s keep waterbody environments around them safe by cleaning, monitoring water health risks and collecting data to discover unquantified trends.

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Water flow in harbours is often limited and debris accumulates in hard-to-reach areas and cannot be cleaned efficiently using traditional methods. The WasteShark can navigate in these narrow spaces to ensure harbours are cleaned effectively and waste does not contaminate the aquatic ecosystem.

Data is gathered to measure a number of variables relevant to water health and quality, and is sent back in real time to operators.

See which harbours are using RanMarine as their solution:

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Leisure & Tourism Sector

The WasteShark presents waterfronts, hotels, resorts and theme parks with the perfect eco-friendly and unobtrusive solution with which to keep their waterbodies free of plastics and associated litter. Small and manoeuvrable enough to clean in tight corners and under obstructions where waste tends to gather, yet with enough capacity to remove half a ton of litter per day, this is a Shark, guests will be happy to see patrolling the water.

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Natural Water Bodies

RanMarines ASVs are  used to remove biomass efficiently and effectively from lakes, lagoons, rivers and dams. The data relating to water health can be measured and delivered to our customers in real time.

By gauging the existing levels of nitrogen build up, dissolved oxygen and pH amongst others we are able to offer a clear map of what is present in the waterbody, and pinpoint where these problems exist.

See which Natural bodies of water can use RanMarine as their solution:

  • Park ponds

  • Lakes

  • Lagoons

  • Locks

  • Reservoirs

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As Marinas are a safe haven for small vessels, RanMarine Sharks collect debris and data;  keeping the marine  environments around them in safe, healthy and clean condition.

See which Marinas are using RanMarine as their solution:

  • South Africa (Cape Town)

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