RanMarine outsources some production to De Binnenbaan

RanMarine outsources some production to De Binnenbaan in Zoetermeer. Werkbedrijf De Binnenbaan is a knowledge centre that not only supports job seekers, but also provides manpower services to companies and foundational jobs to persons in need.

In their words “Everyone deserves a job opportunity. That is our dream, because we believe in the value of work. Work gives meaning, income, social contacts and therefore more well-being.”

Thanks to this collaboration, parts of the innovative WasteShark are assembled by employees of De Binnenbaan.

Michel Heemskerk, senior Mechatronics Engineer at RanMarine says “RanMarine made a conscious choice to outsource the work to De Binnenbaan. We are a company with an eye for people and the environment. In addition to improving the environment, we also want to make a contribution in the field of CSR. That’s how we interpret it. Each WasteShark gets its own name.”
To celebrate our collaboration with De Binnenbaan, De Binnenbaan is also allowed to name two WasteSharks.  RanMarine is excited about the collaboration with De Binnenbaan as it runs smoothly and the work is delivered neatly. We would confidently say to other entrepreneurs: think about sheltered employment if you want to outsource work and let yourself be surprised in a positive way.

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