Technical specs

WasteShark advantages

The WasteShark is specifically designed for in-shore use where waste and biomass tend to collect. When compared to other solutions the WasteShark offers the user the benefit of an easy and efficient means to capture floating waste.  The WasteShark is simple to operate which, combined with its proportions, allows it to work regularly and efficiently. Many waste collecting vessels spend a disproportionate amount of time out of action while waiting for large areas of trash chokeholds to develop before they are deployed. This often sees most of the waste sinking to the bottom and becoming irretrievable; by design the WasteShark can provide daily maintenance of a water body cheaply and effectively.

WasteShark in action
WasteShark ease of use

Our key advantage is easy deployment, mobility and maneuverability on the water. Other solutions are either static and therefore have to be placed at multiple points in the water to work effectively or are simply too large to reach the smaller areas where waste and debris typically collects.  Entering smaller waterways and navigating tight spaces is made easy by the WasteShark’s dimensions and patented hull design ; they are small enough to fit between craft and quaysides, yet big enough to collect significant volumes of waste.


Low cost

Thanks to its design, an advantage is that the maintenance and operational costs of owning a WasteShark are kept to an absolute minimum.  The annual cost of “fuelling” your WasteShark is comparable to the cost of watching TV for 5 hours a day, every day for a year and we all know that cleaning up our environment is more beneficial than watching reruns all day! By using electronic propulsion, we limit the number of moving parts in our products. This makes servicing simple, minimizes maintenance costs, reduces operational down-time and best of all contributes zero carbon emissions.

WasteShark biomass

Ease to operate

The WasteShark’s intuitive control system enables anyone the ability to operate the craft with ease; no special certification is required. It is easy to deploy, simple to operate and is incredibly efficient in retrieving waste and delivering it to the shore for extraction.  In manual mode the WasteShark requires only one operator to be present to remove the waste from its basket. Due to its design the operator can work safely from the shore without ever having to enter the water.

Zero carbon emissions

We are particularly proud of the fact one of the main advantages is that zero carbon emissions are emitted while using the WasteShark. With batteries that can be charged from the local grid or powered by solar storage systems, the WasteShark leaves no oil slicks, emits no toxic fumes and is unobtrusive on the water. These attributes ensure that it is the perfect solution for working in environments where wildlife is present. This clean technology allows you to safely collect harmful biomass and waste remotely from the shore or quayside. With a battery capacity of 8-hours, there is more than enough power to accomplish a full day of waste management. When you are done, simply recharge the batteries overnight in preparation for the next day’s outing.

WasteShark zero carbon emissions
WasteShark transportability


The size and weight of the WasteShark allow it to be transported easily in the back of a standard truck, van, mid-size SUV or on a small trailer. This allows the operator to move from one waterbody to another, servicing multiple locations with relative ease.