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WWF and SKY launch WasteShark

OUR PARTNERSHIP - WWF and Sky Ocean Rescue have launched an autonomous marine robot in north Devon to help clear Ilfracombe harbour of waste. The WasteShark® will be roaming through distances of up to 5km of [...]

4 March 2019|Europe, Press|

WasteShark, the plastic-eating drone

WasteShark, the plastic-eating drone Richard Hardiman, the accidental environmentalist, speaks honestly about his entrepreneurial journey, discovering a passion for drones and plastic recycling he never dreamed of, and how the creative, entrepreneurial side lies in [...]

26 January 2019|Europe, Press|

Gobbling up your marina problem

ROTTERDAM RanMarine Technology, a 4-year-old Dutch company, has a solution for marina operators for whom floating garbage is an unending pain-in-the-neck. The company has developed the WasteShark, an aquadrone that removes trash and nasty flora [...]

21 April 2018|Europe, Press|
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