Introduction to the Company ANNUAL REPORT 2022
“The Company”, “RanMarine”, “RanMarine Technology” refers to RanMarine Technology B.V., which was incorporated April 12, 2016. RanMarine is a private company. RanMarine is a cleantech company that designs, manufactures and sells autonomous surface vessels, or ASVs. As a technology company, our specific market focus is providing robotic vessels to harvest harmful plastic pollutants, oils and algae/biomass from water while collecting critical water quality data.
Our mission is to empower people, companies and governments across the planet with the ability to restore the marine environment to its natural state via autonomous electric vessels. Our data-driven autonomous technology and our patent protected devices create this opportunity by cleaning and monitoring our communal waters with zero emissions. Also known as “aquatic drones”, our ASVs clean the surfaces of waterways, canal systems, ponds, marinas and ports. While working, our ASVs also capture real-time quality data to help our customers make informed decisions about the quality of the water they operate in.
We focus on what we call “at source” pollution – our belief is that if RanMarine focuses on where the majority of the floating pollution is coming from, then we will reduce the pollution that ends up in the oceans. Much like vacuuming continuously to clean a home of dust before it builds up, RanMarine wants to efficiently and continuously “vacuum” waterways, so there is minimal build-up of waste and pollution using automated technology. As well as directly removing pollution from inland and coastal waters, RanMarine’s ASVs are data-enabled and can be fitted with water quality sensors that allows customers to closely monitor, in real time, the environment and makeup of their water. Our ASVs relay sensor data back to RanMarine Connect, our cloud-based control and data management system with each data point collected timestamped and Global Positioning System (“GPS”) tagged. This acts as a basis for accurate measurement and reporting on the environmental impact of our solutions over time: valuable insight which can be used for credible organizational environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) reporting. We are based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. As the largest commercial port outside of Asia, Rotterdam offers a number of advantages for a technology-led company like RanMarine. As the largest seaport in Europe, Rotterdam has a strong maritime history, and is well known as a center for European maritime innovation. Thanks to the presence of specialized educational institutions such as Erasmus University and the Scheepvaart & Transport College (Shipping & Transport College), maritime and technological knowledge is constantly developing in this region.

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