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A drone-technology company building and selling aquadrones to help customers clean and monitor their waters


RanMarine Technology™ is a drone technology company from The Netherlands.  We specialise in remote controlled and autonomous drones called Sharks that swim through water, extracting unwanted material and gathering data about the marine environment.


Sharks at work, serving our waters

Modelled on Planet Earth’s biggest fish, the Whale Shark, our drones are designed to be efficient, long-lived, non-threatening and unobtrusive.


RanMarine sells two products:


The WasteShark™ will eat plastics and other litter; detect chemicals in the water; extract alien and pest vegetation. 


The DataShark™ is a learning machine continually collecting data

about the marine environment.


Agile, both human-operated and autonomous, and with zero greenhouse emissions – our drones act as an intelligent tool to cleaning our waters.

EIT Digital - For a strong Digital Europe

RanMarine, Nobleo and DfKi jointly have received funding from the European EIT Digital programme.



European Union's Horizon 2020 research


RanMarine's SharkPod project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. 

Grant agreement No H2020-SMEINST-809085-WasteShark 

RanMarine supports


RanMarine is proud to partner and support the mission of the UN's Clean Seas campaign and the Plastic Soup Foundation:

Plastic Soup Foundation
Plastic Soup Foundation

#CleanSeas. Sign the pledge and take action - click here

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Email: info@ranmarine.io

Telephone: +31.641697268 

WhatsApp: +27.832984257


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